Why Software Projects Fail?

Why Software Projects Fail?

If you want to start developing a software and you want to learn the best way to do it, then this article will give you insights. Set of specifications for software development plays a key role and so we developed ReqStudio. When it comes to any project requirement collection becomes vital part because it defines the scope of the project.


You must be concerned that why software project fails? Let me explain this in detail by illustrating the facts of the failure first. Development of software projects is very important but only a small ratio of the software projects get completed successfully. Development of successful product is critical as 75% of business and IT executives anticipate their software projects will fail. 33% of projects fail because of a lack of involvement from senior management and only 16% of projects either finish on time or on budget. These numbers give a terrible illustration of the software development failures. Now where is the fault and how to remove it?


The fault is in the process of requirement collection. You always want to be on time and on budget, Right?


But if you start a project today without doing all the right preparation, then there are very less chances of you completing it on time within the budget. The preparation lacks for the development are finding a correct methodology for the requirements, a correct the methodology for development, a suitable testing technique and the deployment procedure. These are the must have before jumping into the development phase. You will only have a 16 percent chance of succeeding in development if you don’t pursue these tactics. So this is the reason that you should use a tool like ReqStudio to increase your success rate.

There are many reasons involved in a software project failure but the most common of them or the main leading causes are given below:


  • No End-user Involvement: For software development, the specifications are not generated by the End User or the person who actually does the work. This creates a barrier in requirement understating and demonstration. In many cases the requirements are gathered by technical persons without the deep involvement of the Business User.
  • Incomplete Requirements Specifications: It means that someone interviewed the user and was not able to extract exact requirements. Or the user provided the requirements but did not provide all or was not provided in the correct manner.
  • Continuous changing requirements: When the users provide the specifications and the product is developed then once the user begins using the software, demands modifications or enhancements. Sometimes during the project continuous changes create misunderstandings.
  • Miscalculated Time and Budget Frames: Misunderstanding the requirements leads to miscalculation of the time and budget.


It is estimated that after using software like ReqStudio for the requirement collection of your software, you’re going to improve your chances of success by 35 percent and this is a good improvement. So instead of sticking at 16 percent now, you’ve gotten up to 51 percent. ReqStudio defines the project requirements for you in an understandable manner. ReqStudio also helps you to estimate the cost and time of the project. ReqStudio allows third party tool integration for the different steps of software development life cycle.


There are different people involved in software development as it is assumed to be the complex and expensive process. The development of any software is a connection between the business people and technical People. These two types of people communicate in very different ways and that is the actual problem here. Both people come from different setups hence communication barriers between them create difficulties in the understanding of software requirements. The main purpose of ReqStudio is to help the software development process by making business people and technical people connected through a common way. ReqStudio provides methodology, wizards, diagrams and tools to help both roles for gathering the requirements in an easy way. ReqStudio serve as a bridge between people from different domains. This process carries out the full communication cycle by wizards which leads to you get the specifications step by step. The system is user friendly as it takes all the business information from the user by creating documentation in normal language. This normal language is then converted to diagrams by ReqStudio for the technical person. In this way both can communicate with each other and understand the system well.