Welcome to ReqStudio

Welcome to ReqStudio

Have you got an idea but you don’t know how to communicate it to your team members due to lack of clarity? Software projects are typically over-budget or over-schedule owing to this notion of difficulty in communication. The unclear requirements cause continues changes and misunderstandings that could damage any software project. There are multiple old requirement gathering approaches but those are not helpful because those could only be used by technically literate individuals. Gathering requirements through old approaches is a time-consuming procedure with outcomes which are not always acceptable.


To resolve this situation we have worked on a solution that will not only gather requirements but additionally make the process of amassing information smoother for you. The application is ReqStudio proposed for requirement collection process and helps any one to gather the requirements irrespective of the technical skills.


The main goal on which it is built is to make the process of gathering information much faster and clearer, so that everyone could use it easily. The role of ReqStudio is to make the difficult jobs easier and complete the requirement gathering in very less time. This is a cloud application and it can be integrated with Visual Studio or Jira.  It helps to defines requirement easily by working with Waterfall and agile methodologies.


ReqStudio is specifically designed to handle and fully manage requirement gathering that sort out various problems. The process of requirement gathering carried out by ReqStudio includes documenting, analyzing, tracing, prioritizing and agreeing on requirements and then controlling change and communicating to your stakeholders. ReqStudio lead towards the finest development of any application based on the requirement provided. It defines the clear requirements which makes the team productive. It makes the easy collaboration with the client and development team. ReqStudio will be able to help you with any development concept, whether you are a business or a person that requires the requirements to support the basis of its plans. The nature of ReqStudio is kept simple so that anyone can use it.


Requirement Studio provides full traceability of all the change with a rigorous version control. It collects the requirements in five steps that are area identification, roles identification, business data identification, process identification and rules identification. It creates various workflows for the project, and you can accept the workflow or reject it based on your requirements. It also makes you to standardize requirements and reuse them to increase productivity. It allows you to make cost and time estimation with real time where customer can track your progress.


For a technical person understanding the application is simpler as it is user friendly built with the accordance of IT principles. It may have some problems for a non-technical business person and therefore we have developed application guides that will help them understand the flow process. If they are still not sure they will be able to get a two-hour university training session that will allow them to understand the application and they can actually know what to do in each phase.


The application would help your business analyst to work more efficiently, so he will be able to serve all your needs with the given results. This will put a full stop to your fight with the business analyst. So it’s safe to say that ReqStudio is your business partner that will help you achieve your goals and guide you ahead of time to hit your milestone. ReqStudio is a supporting tool which makes you enable to compete even faster with your competitors. Don’t waste your time and let’s begin!


So welcome to ReqStudio.


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