Online Requirements Management Solution

For companies to gather easily requirements and continuously drive team perfomance.


Software development projects management still fails to deliver on time and on budget in over 60% of cases. In up to 35%, the root cause is linked to poor requirements management. Business-IT misalignment creates breaks in the development process, leading to money or time loss. Improving business value requires new management techniques and collaborative tools.

Teams must align the business value expected by enterprise stakeholders throughout their IT processes. Good requirements management can reduce development costs up to 57% and accelerate time to market up to 20%.

ReqStudio is the online requirements management solution for companies to gather easily requirements and continuously drive team performance.

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Approval Workflow

Are you thinking of collaborating in a smarter way with form approvals? Have you ever thought of having automated approval workflows that covers cost allocation, credit authorization, recruitment authorization and lots more?

Versioning / Traceability

The traceability feature of Req Studio notifies the members of a team about crucial changes that have been made to a particular business project. The connection between different business projects can also be traced using Req studio.

Review and Feedback Tools

The review center on Req Studio is used to share product and business requirement among the various members of a particular team. These requirements are subjected to review and confirmation by team members


Are you thinking of a new way to collaborate with your team and at the same time have a seamless experience? Are you tired of shuffling e-mails, chasing staff members for updates and those pointless meetings that hinder productivity?

Text to Diagram

From the sequencing of diagrams, graphical definitions and the drawing libraries, the Text to Diagram feature of the Req Studio is made just for you and your easier documentation.

Cost and Time Estimation

After you get the requirements you can categorize complexity and type and get a full estimation of cost, time and resources you need to develop the software or project.


Software Development

ReqStudio is a software that is designed for the management of multiple business iterations, stakeholders, functional requirements and business requirements. ReqStudio utilizes a solution platform that improves the implementation and coordination of business projects, via the utilization of documents that have been formatted and other objects that have been shared among team members of a business.


Product Development

ReqStudio enables business people to attain success in product development by providing a business management platform that is relatively easy to utilize. In contrast to the previous use of shared drives, spreadsheets and files for the management of business projects for product development.

Compliance and Regulation

ReqStudio provides a modern platform for the leverage of compliance and regulation best practices. The best practices of this business solution can be deployed in an organized way for different business purposes.The software can also be used to provide procedures and policies that are tailored into the framework of the business or organization.



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